Breastfeeding Support Package

Breastfeeding Support Package


Prenatal breastfeeding education and lactation support increases breastfeeding success and improves newborn’s health. Customized packages available.


Prenatal breastfeeding class

Prenatal assessment on phone or in person

Up to 3 visits at your home or hospital

Phone and text support for two weeks

Gift bag

Breastfeeding Guide to Success

$700 value

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First Phone Visit:

Antenatal expression

Breast crawl

Breast assessment

Health history

Plan for success

Second visit within first three days at hospital or home:

Breast crawl

Assessment of latch

Hand expression

Spoon and cup feeding of expressed colostrum

Third visit within the first week at home:

Assessment of latch

Pre and post feed weight to check transfer amount from breast with hospital grade scale

Oral assessment checking for oral function and ties

Plan to ensure success

Fourth Follow up visit if needed anytime:

Make adjustments to plan if needed

Check weight gain


Additional charges may apply for visits over 20 miles